2nd Surgery Done

Finally the day has come for my 2nd surgery – 7 April. Although it was my 2nd surgery, I was still feeling extremely nervous. This time, I plan to remove love handles..not sure if the fats are sufficient. At the consultation, Dr Arthur recommended to remove the flanks, waist together with love handles (3 areas), as 1 poke can do the job to remove the fats from these areas. I think it makes sense, and accepted his recommendation. However, the space on my breasts is still not enough..only realized this during the consultation. I should have met Dr Arthur during his monthly visit and confirm on this before coming for the surgery. As the space is not enough, he can only inject about 90ml of fats in each breast (much less than the 1st surgery). He said I should have used my noogleberry pump at least 8 hours a day. But most of the time in the day is spent at work, or going out after work. When I get home, I am left with just few hours before bedtime. and it is really a challenge to wake up earlier before work to pump for an hour too. He suggested me to wear baju kurong and wear the pump in it. He is really funny, but this is not practical lo as I need to have 1 of the pump out there with the tube released so that the other pump can be affixed on my breast. Definitely my colleagues and bosses will see the pumps and this is not professional. Unless I am the boss with my own private office space, then it is a different story.

After surgery, this is the picture taken 2 days after.


Below is the picture taken 4 days after. I need to massage my breasts as often as I can as there are some lumps due to injecting the fats in the limited space in my breasts.


Post Surgery – 3 months

This is what I look like with strapless bra, 3 months after surgery. Can you see the little cleavage which used to be non-existent? and I am planning for my 2nd surgery on 7 April. As my last surgery was not considered complete, without removing my love handles, my waist still looks fat. For the coming surgery, I will be taking out the fats from love handles so that my waistline looks slim.


Post-Surgery 2 months

I have just started my strapless bra in halterneck dress last night..wow and I can see some slight cleavage..so happy.

this is the photo taken 2 months after surgery. My waist line is not that curvy, and I am planning to remove the love handles in few months time to give it more shape.



Post-Surgery 1 month

this is the 1st picture taken 1 month after surgery. as I have been using Noogleberry pump diligently everyday, you can see the pump marks surrounding my breasts. My breasts feel slightly fuller. scars on my abdomen are still visible, and I am using the bleaching cream (am and pm) everyday), and wear abdomen binder every night when I sleep to reduce the abdomen bumps/swells.


Day of Surgery

I was really anxious, as this is afterall my 1st virgin surgical operation..the surgery started late afternoon which is not what I had expected..I had expected it to finish my 3pm. after the consultation, I had my quick lunch and proceeded to the surgical room. Dr Arthur gave me the painkiller jab (I think I must had been too nervous that I almost black out during the photo taking)

I was fully awake and conscious and could even chat with Dr Arthur. we chat about serious topics like politics..i must be the only one to do that…most gals were quite well sedated (from their blogs I read on). as I was fully awake, I could clearly feel the pain from the jabs and needles poking through my skin.

the encouraging phrase during the entire surgical process: no pain no gain




My boldest decision in life

I have taken almost half a year thinking through :

  • whether to go for fat grafting to get bigger boobs (well, my boobs are ultra tiny to begin with, and I can’t fit in nicely to sexy outfit)
  • which surgeon to go for my 1st virgin surgery (my first surgical procedure other than wisdom tooth removal, and eye stye removal…I am a very timid person with super low pain threshold. to even volunteering myself to be cut is an unthinkable thing to do)

finally I have decided to go for Dr Arthur Tjandra after the in-depth research I have done and comparing the various doctors’ replies to my queries and prices…Dr Arthur has done a wonderful job for many ladies and the case studies can be found on his site: https://elixirdevie.com/